A Refreshing Cucumber, Lemon And Lime Cooler

A cooler is and does exactly what its name suggests. It’s ​a cold, refreshing drink, usually carbonated, fruit-flavoured, and – if you want to add a bit of extra buzz – containing a bit of wine or other alcoholic ingredients as well.​

Whenever the warmer weather creeps up on us, there’s nothing like having a jug of something icy around to lower the temperature a bit. Coolers are brilliant drinks to take to the beach, on a picnic, or just have close at hand while lazing around the barbecue in your back yard.

In this recipe, the combination of lemon, lime and cucumber give you a tangy, breezy freshness in every sip, creating a sublime mix of gentle freshness and a cooling quench for any thirst.

​The great news about this particular combination is that cucumbers and lemons are low in calories but contain many important vitamins and minerals, as well as high water content.

Eating cucumbers may lead to many potential health benefits, including weight loss, balanced hydration, digestive regularity, and lower blood sugar levels.​ ​Both lemons and limes are high in vitamin C, an important antioxidant that helps protect cells from damage​ so told this is a really beneficial and healthy drink.​

Best of all, it just lifts the flavours of an otherwise routine glass of water to produce a healthy, all-natural soft drink that the whole family can enjoy.

A Refreshing Cucumber, Lemon and Lime Cooler

  • Servings: 4
  • Difficulty: easy
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  • ​1 lemon, thinly sliced
  • 2 limes, thinly sliced
  • 1 tablespoon caster sugar
  • 1 cup mint springs (or try a mix of mint and basil)
  • 1 English cucumber, peeled intro ribbons
  • 1 cup crushed ice
  • 1 teaspoon bitters
  • 6 cups sparkling water (or lemonade, if you don’t mind adding sugar)


  1. Place the lemon, lime, sugar and half the mint into a large bowl
  2. ​Use the end of a rolling pin to crush everything until the lemon and lime release their juices​
  3. ​Transfer to a large jug
  4. Add the peeled cucumber ​ribbons, remaining mint and ice ​to the lemon mixture in the jug
  5. ​Drizzle with the bitters​
  6. ​Top with sparkling water, soda water or lemonade​
  7. ​Stir well before dividing among serving glasses
  8. If you’d like a dash of something a little stronger, try replacing some of the water or lemonade with some dry white wine or vodka​
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